Q. Where is your store located?

A. Our store is located at 17 Outer Battery Road in St. John's Newfoundland.


Q. The product or variant I want to order is out of stock, how long will it be before it is back in stock? 

A. Every week we restock product as it's being made. We sometimes offer backorders for our products during slower seasons or when demand is high.


Q. Do you ship across Canada? 

A. YES! We also ship to the United States and Europe! (Free shipping on orders over 250$ before taxes). 


Q. How do I get in contact with you about my order?

A. You can email us anytime at SaucyPotsPottery@gmail.com regarding any questions about your order with your order number.


Q. Do you do custom products?

A. No, currently custom orders are unavailable. We are not accepting custom orders. Custom orders slow down our production and require extra attention which slows down our entire production team and process. We may offer custom products in the future but at this time we have decided to focus on restocking our current offerings.


Q. How long does it take for my order to be sent out for delivery?

A. Custom orders (currently not availble for purchase) will usually take between 4-6 weeks for shipping because they are made to order (detailed further below on this FAQ). Product that is in-stock will be sent out for delivery a few business days after the purchase has gone through.


Q. How long does it take to make your products?

A. 3-6 weeks before it is completed (depending on the amount of products that are going through this process). The steps are as follows: 

- Day 1: Prepping, rolling, and trimming the clay to the proper dimensions depending on the product being created, then hand crafting and stamping the clay to the correct form and product depending on the what's being created.

- Day 2: Once the form is set, we let it dry for about a week (often longer depending on conditions).

- Week 2 to 4: When the piece has fully dried, we fire it in the kiln for the first time. Kiln firings usually take about 24-36 hours to complete and cool, and are done a couple times a week depending on how much product we have on the shelves that's ready to be fired.

- Week 2 to 4: After the product has been fired once, we let it cool for several hours and then we make minor adjustments if necessary, like fixing imperfections, or sanding sharp edges. If it's a product with a saying on it, we fill in every letter by hand. Then after that we glaze it and prepare it for the next firing.

- Week 3 to 5: Once the piece has been glazed, we fire it in the kiln for the second time (taking the same amount of time as the first firing). The glaze firing fully hardens the product to it's final form, and makes it durable enough to withstand even a dishwasher!

- Week 3 to 6: After the piece has been fired a second time, we let it cool again for several hours and then we sand the bottom and prepare it to be packaged.

In total this process can take about 3-6 weeks to complete, the amount of pieces in production is what makes this time vary so much.


Q. Is it required for me to make an account on the site in order to make an order?

A. NO. Absolutely not, creating an account is completely optional, although we would be more than happy to add you to our Saucy Possi newsletters to learn about special events, sales and discounts!


Q. Why is there no products on your store front?

A. We'll sometimes switch to doing limited drops of our products as stock becomes available, follow us on social media to stay informed as to when our products will be available to purchase!