About Us

Saucy Pots Pottery grew from a family legacy in clay. Here we have two generations, Isabella St John, Master Potter, owner of Blue Moon Pottery(1985), and Erin Callahan St John, the next generation owner of Saucy Pots Pottery(2015).

Saucy Pots are handmade at 2 Baird's Cove Road in St. John's, previously sharing a location with Blue Moon Pottery. 

In 2019 Isabella retired and now Erin runs the pottery studio. She has three employees, her father Andy and cousin Richard.

Saucy Pots Pottery serves those with a sense of humour. We cater to those who are crass, like to curse, drink, and party. Our customers enjoy custom, handmade one of a kind products for their daily life to enjoy your coffee, tea, or beer!


Saucy clients are brazen, and go for shock value. They know what they love. We often have repeat customers and now you can join the Saucy Possi for announcements and keeping track of your order history. Here you can find the best custom, crass and Newfoundland gifts for friends and family.

We want you to have something uniquely yours. Its hard to find handmade cups which really express how you feel. Your "FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK FUCK" cup will really take the edge off that Monday morning zoom Chat.

Saucy pots provides a taste of home; comfort, a space for you to be you. These dishwasher safe products are made for everyday use in the kitchen. We can also accommodate your corporate gifts, and weddings, with over 200 custom products.

Please email SaucyPotsPottery@gmail.com with any questions and see how we can help make a big impact at your next event!